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You know when your enterprise tech vendor makes a move that forces you to involuntarily exclaim ‘what the f*** ?!?‘ (or words to that effect).

Perhaps announcing a new product that will cannibalise the old one, or making a huge acquisition that rapidly turns to dust, or… Well, you get the picture! We’ve all been there.

In fact, Darren, Jesse and I have been there a little too often over the years. So we’re getting together on a semi-regular basis to review the latest industry news through the lens of our aggregate 50+ years of enterprise tech experience. Whilst we’re determined to cover the news in an independent and fair manner, given our personalities, hard-earned battle scars and experience (as admin, developer and strategist respectively), we’ve no doubt a little snark will be revealed along the way. Above all, we aim to inform and entertain in equal measure…

This starts from our first episode, published today, where we discussed the big events and keynotes of the past couple of weeks (Google, IBM, Microsoft and Apple). From the Google Assistant to Watson Workspace, and from the Surface Studio to the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, we ruminate on what these new products and services will mean for the confluence of consumer and enterprise tech.

WTF Tech is intended to be the start of a conversation, so we want your feedback and input. So please listen the first show and tell us what you think! You can comment on the episodes, reply or DM on Twitter or even leave a voicemail from our site (we may publish these in the show). Please do get in touch!

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  • Lars Berntrop-Bos

    Please reconsider the color scheme. Dark grey on black is unnecessary hard to read.

    • Hi Lars, fair point, and thanks for the feedback.

      Hopefully this lighter scheme is better for you. We may still tweak things as we move forward, but how does this work for you?