Darren, Jesse and Stuart are back with the sixth episode of WTF Tech show. Forever to be known as “the cursed episode”, this one took the best part of a month to record due to various technical and organisational difficulties! We discuss Apple’s decision to revisit the Mac Pro and what it tells us about the future of Pro computing, how we discover and consume news today, our first experiences of using hard disks, and then finish with a brief status report on our respective efforts to ‘cut the cord’… (Recorded Wednesday 12th April 2017)

Show notes:


  • Jesse’s almost moved into his new house.
  • Stuart has spent many many hours resurrecting posts from Domino-based blogs to new WordPress properties, including ibmconnections.news.

Pro Computing

News Discovery & Consumption

Tech Nostalgia

Cutting the Cord


  • Jesse: White PC cases! It turns out they’re very “Space Odyssey”-esque… 
  • Darren: New TV! LG Electronics 65UH8500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • Stuart:

    • Used this years ago, and have just returned, discovering it has improved a lot over the years… Dlvr.it. Now supports RSS as output, meaning it can aggregate RSS feeds, a la Yahoo Pipes… Great for sharing own blog posts on social media as well as curating content from elsewhere.
    • A great plugin for WordPress. Redirection. Allows any URL to be redirected, and can be managed manually or via CSV upload, so is a great way to help with migrating sites. E.g. from DominoBlog to WordPress.

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