Darren, Jesse and Stuart return with the seventh episode of WTF Tech show. We discuss the Wanna Cry attack, IBM’s new work location strategy. We also touch on the Jive acquisition and the new Surface Pro. Oh, and Tech Nostalgia. (Recorded Wednesday 24th May 2017).

For starters, sorry about the audio quality (particularly Stuart’s track). We were hit by a Chrome bug that incorrectly detects the audio sample rate. We did investigate re-recording the episode, but with vacations imminent, felt it was better to get it out ASAP. We’ve cleaned it up as best we can, but you’ll still hear the occasional dropout and artefact. Sorry about that!

Show notes:


WannaCry attack

IBM’s work from home/office colocation strategy

Jive acquired by ESW Capital/Aurea

Microsoft’s new Surface laptop

  • Microsoft’s announcement
  • Microsoft going head to head with Apple on vertically integrated systems
    • Very normal laptop design, not convertible tablet/laptop
    • Material covering is a bit weird?
      • “Surface Laptop provides the perfect blend of texture, subtle details, and clean, elegant lines — plus the luxurious touch of our Signature Alcantara® material-covered keyboard.”
  • What will this do to Microsoft OEMs?

Tech Nostalgia


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