Darren, Jesse and Stuart return with the eighth episode of WTF Tech show. We discuss the the 10th birthday of the iPhone,  WWDC and the vitally important (and incorrect, since it’s missing the 3 of us) “most influential people on the internet” (Recorded Thursday 29th June 2017).

Show notes:


  • Crap movie reboots

10th Anniversary of the Apple iPhone

  • What are our memories of the first iPhone?
    • Did any of us have one?
    • $499/$699 plus contract!
    • Visual voicemail revolutionary
    • ‘Had me at scrolling’
    • BlackBerry/Treo/WinCE aside, it heralded in modern (and consumer driven) computing

Tech Nostalgia

  • What were our first smartphones?
    • Stuart: Series of Nokia featurephones (including the classic 6210/6310), then Windows Mobile on an Orange branded Huawei device. Had Nokia laptop-style phones, plus various Blackberries.
    • Darren: Samsung Windows flip, BlackBerry Bold
    • Jesse: Treo 650


  • iMac Pro, actual VR support, and a general re-interest in the Mac
    • VR support is pure catch-up, but it’s a new area for them
    • Will they one day have a machine that can play video games?
    • Poor little Mac mini (SM: oh I love those machines!)
    • Will it be like the G4 Cube?
  • iOS
    • Big updates for the iPad Pro again
    • Huge focus on AR
  • HomePod
    • Terrible name?
    • Beginning of the end for Sonos?
    • Will Siri be good enough to compete against Echo and Google Home?

Yet Another Big Malware Strike

Time Magazine’s “25 most influential people on the internet”


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  • David Schaffer

    Amusing episode as usual. I was struck by the iPhone and pre-iPhone discussion. I’m on only my first iPhone, a 6s, which replaced a Blackberry Q10. Still miss some of the Blackberry stuff, such as the Blackberry Hub, and some of the apps from the BB6/7 era like the Blackberry Travel app. Don’t miss managing BES at all, but Traveler worked fairly well with Blackberry. Of course the Domino servers all went away, and then the job associated with them, so I’m probably best off on iOS now!