Darren, Jesse and Stuart get together for the first WTF Tech show to discuss this week’s events and announcements from IBM, Microsoft and Apple.

Show notes:

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  • DonM55

    Glad to see/hear your new podcast series. My only request would be to make it shorter (20 minutes would be nice) – it’s tough to find an uninterrupted hour and 15 minutes to listen. So, perhaps you could do more podcasts of a shorter length.

    • Hi Don, thanks for the feedback. Fair request… There is definitely a place for 15/20 minute shows, and I have a good few on my own podcast playlists. However, it’s tough to get into an in-depth discussion in that time, and given that the three of us can only plan to get together approximately twice a month, recording just 20 minutes of conversation probably wouldn’t make it worthwhile for us. So I think we’ll stick to the 60-90 minute duration for now and see how we go. Thanks anyway!

      Maybe just listen to the show on a few commutes? That’s what I do with ATP and The Talk Show, and they sometimes run to 3 hours!

      Keep the feedback coming!

  • Lars Berntrop-Bos

    Please reconsider the color scheme. The content disappears into the background

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