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004: The Empire Strikes Back

Darren, Jesse and Stuart get together for the first WTF Tech show of 2017, and discuss Virtual Reality (two of the hosts now have HTC Vive systems), Avaya's bankruptcy, Yahoo's sell out and IBM's results... Read More
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003: It’s All About Me

Darren, Jesse and Stuart gather for the final WTF Tech show of 2016, and take aim at Fitbit's acquisition of Pebble, rumours of IBM refactoring Connections using modern web frameworks and the upcoming Connect conference. The hosts then start a new recurring topic reminiscing about old tech, kicking off with first computers... (Recorded Thursday 15th December 2016) Read More
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002: Slack Knockoff Fatigue

Darren, Jesse and Stuart reconvene for the second WTF Tech show to try to avoid mentioning the US election, but end up discussing "fake news", the new UK surveillance law, followup on the new MBP USB-C ports and Touch Bar, plus the newly announced Microsoft Teams. (Recorded Mon 21st Nov 2016) Read More

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